All They Want For Christmas: Gift Ideas for MCR, Musiq, Silverchair and More

Silverchair's Daniel Johns wants an inflatable sheep. No, really. It's after the jump.

We've been having trouble figuring out what to buy our friends and family for Christmas this year. To help out on the idea front, we decided to draw inspiration from some of our favorite musical artists' Christmas wishes.

"What I would really love for Christmas is the new Knight Rider GPS navigation system. This way, when I'm lost, I'll have both KITT and Mr. Feenie from Boy Meets World helping me out." -- Mikey Way, My Chemical Romance

"This year, all I want for Christmas is world peace. And I would really like to catch Santa Claus in the act. And I want a glowing power-scepter." -- Andrew Volpe, Ludo
"This Chrismtas, I'm hoping somebody buys me the Illinois Senate Seat! Also I'd like an iPhone." -- Aimee Mann

"I never really want for much in life. I've been through enough to

appreciate the simple things. And whatever I don't have, I know that

I've been blessed with the means to get it. However, if I had to say,

all I want for Christmas is sleep!" -- Musiq Soulchild

"I would like for everybody to try really hard to recycle and limit

their waste this holiday season. And I'd like to have a long leisurely

swim through pristine waters somewhere in the world. These two things

would make me very happy!" -- Lenka 

"All I want for Christmas is the will power to say no to the .99 menu

items at all the fast food restaurants. 'Uh...I'll take a number 3

combo with a coke.' 'Anything else sir?' 'Uh...ok, I'll have two .99

extreme chipotle burger flingers on artisan bread.' Damnit, they got me

again!" -- Doug Robb, Hoobastank

"All I want for Christmas is to be able to give back to the people I

love. Being a new band and coming off the road with no money sucks, but

working on our new record over this holiday season makes me hopeful

that, this time next year, I will be able to get my loved ones any

gifts they want. -- Brandon Wronski, Eye Alaska

"All I want for Christmas is: a no-broker fee apartment 'cause I'm looking to move back to New York." -- Joshua Radin

"All I want for Christmas is a federal bail-out package. It doesn't

have to be much; not one of those corporate bail outs on the top shelf;

just one of those bottom-shelf personal bail outs. And maybe instead of

$700 billion, we could just get $700 million. If pushed, I would take

$700." -- Jon McLaughlin

"All I want for Christmas is suitcase that won't fall apart. Every

suitcase I take on tour falls apart, rips, loses a wheel, etc, etc..."

-- Jimmie Deeghan, Every Avenue


"I know its cliche, but all I really want for Christmas is peace on

earth and good will towards men. Yeah, that would be good. Wait, what

about a million dollars, a fast car, and a supermodel girlfriend? That

would be awesome, too! Forget that first answer. -- Matt Black, Every



"What I would like for Christmas is to be able to keep making music and

get better as a songwriter, guitar player and a performer  It would

also be great to be able to see all the bands I love really blow up to

where they should be over the bands that I can't stand." -- Mike

Wiebe, The Riverboat Gamblers

"All I want for Christmas is a dog. Preferably a Great Dane. Always

wanted a dog, but my parents never allowed it ever. Someday soon,

hopefully." -- Nick Baxter, The Morning Light

"All I want for Christmas is warm weather because 20-degree weather is no fun for anyone." -- Matt Colussy, The Morning Light

"All I want for Christmas is one inflatable sheep. You would be amazed

at how handy blow-up animals are to have around the tour bus! That's

all we want for Christmas, a plastic inflatable sheep to call our very

own. If Pink Floyd could have a huge pig, then surely we could have one

little sheep." -- Daniel Johns, Silverchair

(Daniel Johns photo via Silverchair's Myspace page.)

-- Compiled by Cole Haddon