Lyrikill's Last Newscast Interruption Removed From YouTube; Still Up on WorldStarHipHop

Last Friday, as I was writing a post about Broward rapper Lyrikill's infamous newscast interruptions, it turned out, all but one had been deleted due to copyright infringement. The 954 prankster had garnered some YouTube and Twitter buzz by stalking live news vans, then running through the shot and yelling. This didn't gain him any fans, and he recently sued WSVN for "mental distress" after a frustrated producer finally chased him with a bat.

​To retaliate, Sunbeam Television Corp., which operates WSVN, had YouTube remove all of his Channel 7 videos. While most of Lyrikill's videos were behind-the-scene shots setting up his five seconds in local-news limelight, his big mistake was in splicing in footage of the actual newscast as it aired. Copyright laws are a bitch!

Still, on Friday, his latest video, an interruption of WPLG Channel 10, remained. Not so any more. By Friday night, that video was gone, and on Saturday the rapper sent this tweet, above, that the ABC affiliate was going after him too. Indeed, Lyrikill's YouTube account (well, the main one of a few he operates) has been suspended.

For your viewing pleasure, though, a version of the video still remains on WorldStarHipHop, a site that regularly flouts disregard of copyrights and doesn't really give a crap. Check it out after the jump.