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Top 10 Reasons to Get Totally Nude at the Florida Young Naturists' Naked Spring Bash (NSFW)

"The freedom of being nude in nature and in the elements brings one a child-like feeling." This is the guiding principle behind the Florida Young Naturists, a West Palm Beach-based network of young people who coordinate festivals and gatherings with the goal of promoting freedom and body acceptance across all races, religions, and sexual orientations.

The events take place in Florida, but you don't have to be a resident to attend -- you don't even have to get fully nude to revel in the pure, invigorating splendor that comes with dressing the way nature really intended.

That's why, even if the last time anyone saw you stripped down to your skivvies in a non-sexual situation was during your seventh grade physical, we're giving you 10 solid reasons why attending this weekend's fifth annual FYN Naked Spring Bash is a really great idea.  

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10. Naked Harlem Shake
So what if this particular strain of internet virus has already run its course? The fact of that matter is nudity equals hits! And if you've ever had a chance at becoming even a shred of internet-famous, this is it. 

On Saturday, April 12, at 1 p.m. Marianna Lavin of the Florida Young Naturists will be coordinating what's being sold as "the first ever Naked Harlem Shake" video. Participants are encouraged to bring their own "props" -- hula-hoops, glowing poi (those tethered weight things people swing around like they're at a rave), pool toys, giant bananas, whatever. Don't worry if your mom happens to come across the uncensored vid floating around in cyberspace -- at least you can say you were a part of history!

9. Fire Dancers
Speaking of swinging things around like you're at a rave, fire dancers are like the hotter, more badass version of every glow stick-twirling, hula-hoop-gyrating, high on life hippy-performer you've ever seen. 

As the sun goes down, grab a fellow young naturist by hand, spread your blankets across the grass, lean back into the dewy warmth of the Florida night, and let your eyes go in and out of focus as you take in the primal body contortions and glowing infinity patterns of the expert fire spinners.