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Cappadonna A No Show


Lucy Orozco

Better Than: Being home alone drunk on a Saturday night, listening to Wu-Tang on your iPod.

Cappadonna, a lesser known part of the Wu Tang Clan family, was supposed to perform Saturday at Studio A. Instead, club personnel posted a sign at the entrance asking anyone to call Cappadonna’s contact person if displeased with the rappers absence. “They took the deposit money we gave them to perform at the club and ran with it,” said one of the bouncers. “It will cost us more money to pay for lawyers to get the money back, than what we spent paying him, so we posted Sean Young’s personal telephone number and ask that you call to express your opinion.”

But as the phone operator said, “The Nextel number is not in service at this time.”

So at 11 p.m. there were less than 20 people standing around, listening to DJ Dot One scratch. The 3 bartenders were cross-armed, looking bored and somber as the few people there were not buying drinks. Yes, the club experienced several major double penetrating screws. Cappadonna, didn’t show up, people didn’t show up, entrance was free for those over 21 and as no one was buying drinks, the club was not making money.

An hour later people began to fill up the bar area, a moderate improvement. And for a moment, one beat boy wind-milled bringing some excitement to the empty dance floor.

So it wasn’t a complete wasted night. The music from Dot One was booming with urban swank as he manipulated music from The Beastie Boys, Tupac, and Biggie with light turntable scratching.

The other acts, Garcia, THC Major League, and Psyko South, performed as scheduled. Psyko South stirred some crowd enthusiasm. They claim to bring life back to hip-hop while untalented but popular hip-hop artists of the time bring the genre down. However, lyrics like “that mansion on the beach and the Maserati keys,” and “blazing dirtys till I die getting crunk, you should do the same,” do not convince me of a difference between their lyrics and the watered down lyrics they claim to be against. --Lucy Orozco

Critics Notebook:

Personal Bias: Studio A provides parties for Miami crowds with artists like Stephen and Damian Marley, KRS-One, Ladytron, The Casualties and several other audibly pleasing musicians. So its upsetting that someone would take advantage of one of our city’s dedicated entertainment venues.

Random Detail: Reggaeton at Studio A. What? Tego Calderon is going to be at Studio A on April 2, weird.

By The Way: No one ever got in contact with Cappadonna's PR guy.