Q&A With Da Pretty Boyz' J Remy

When Miami/Ft Lauderdale label Florida Boy Intertainment's publicist called us

Here at Crossfade we support music from Florida as a whole, so when Da Pretty Boyz' people contacted us, we said sure, set up an interview. Da Pretty Boyz represent Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida and are an independent group signed to Florida Boy Intertainment.

Da Pretty Boyz recently won a shot at 106 and Park's Wild Out Wednesdays after impressing judges at an industry conference in Miami. The video above represents their BET performance in an on air competition that they won.

Crossfade spoke to Da Pretty Boyz lead singer J Remy by telephone interview. Here's what he had to say, after the jump.

"The group, we actually known each other for a couple of years from doing music and sports activities. We been a group for 2 and a ½ years now.

We already was a group when Florida Boy came through. There was more members and then we just brought down the members since we been signed with Florida Boy Intertainment.

I would say we're a mixture in between r&b and pop. We can make a love song, bubble gum, lollipop. We switch up our style a lot, gotta bring in all kinds. We make all kinds of music.

I used to sing in a church choir and perform at open mics. We been getting results, stayin together and runnin with it, yes sir.

How we got on BET is we were in Miami and it was an audition and we won a tryout. We won the contest and went up to New York on a first class ticket.

We performed at 106 and had a landslide victory. We won, the percentage was crazy, like 57 or 58% of people voted for us, and then 20% a piece for the other two groups. We went up there and brung the house down had the ladies screaming and everything.

We performed one song called "Tonight," and a snippet from another song.

Our hit single "Tonight," that was on heavy rotation on Power 96. It's still on rotation getting spins in Miami, Orlando, and Jacksonville.

We're just doing collabs with people now and also keeping our face and our names out there.
We working with Atazio the Fire Writer, helped us arrange a song or two, he wrote Fame Girl for Usher and R Kelly.

We have some features coming though, tell ya that much

For me its pure singing. We have a member that uses autotune, that's what's in, what's selling, that style. Mine is all vocal. I don't really use autotune.

As far as going from the church choir to pop music, actually the church is very supportive. That's my foundation, where I'm from. My momma say I'm always gonna go back to gospel. They know I'm out here doin something I love. I'm out here singing, letting my voice be heard instead of out there doing something crazy. I always go to church, pay my tithes, and I'm a man of god. Everybody make mistakes, but that don't mean you can't go back.

Far as my influences, I can go from Shirley ceasar, to Donnie McLarken, R&B -- Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys, N Sync, Marvin Gaye.

We make good music, and that's been working out lately. Yeeah, I'm good where I'm at."