Sean Chambers Is Coming Out "Guns A-blazing" at the Sunshine Music & Blues Festival

"I could have thought of hundreds of guitarists I'd put in front of me," blushed Sean Chambers when asked about the time the U.K.'s Guitarist Magazine named him one of the 50 best blues guitarists of the century. "We were in England touring with Hubert Sumlin, who was Howlin' Wolf's guitarist. Hubert took us all over the world. My band would open up for him, and then we'd back his set. I guess someone took a liking to me," he surmised.

Though Chambers may be humble about his place in the pantheon of blues guitar, he is a proud Florida native. Born in Melbourne, where his father worked at the Kennedy Space Center, he lived in the Tampa area for a long while and now calls Fort Myers home. In spite of being happily married, Chambers is still an expert in this sad genre.