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Video: New Found Glory - "Don't Let Her Pull You Down"

Okay, so this one's been out for a few weeks, but it bears sharing. Broward County's best pop-punk exports are still releasing new stuff to support their most recent album, Not Without a Fight, which dropped this past spring on Epitaph. When Crossfade caught up with local guys Jacobs Ladder in the studio a couple months ago, we ran into Cyrus Bolooki, NFG's drummer, as he was producing the new JL EP. Bolooki had just gotten into town on a red-eye from L.A., where he and his band had just finished filming this video, for the song "Don't Let Her Pull You Down." Here he is, again, telling Crossfade about it:

Anyways, check out the new video after the jump. In classic pop-punk's best tradition of goofiness, it's a fun romp through a landscape of, to quote from the dialogue, "zombies and girls with boob jobs on steroids."