Carly Rae Jepsen Cancels Boy Scouts Events in Support of LBGT Rights

Following an online campaign led by a petition posted to, Carly Rae Jepsen has announced that she will no longer be performing at the National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia this July. Train will also boycott the event. 

Jepsen released a statement explaining that her decision is rooted in her self-identification "...[a]s an artist who believes in equality for all people."

What does Carly Rae stiffing the Scouts tell us about the contemporary pop-culture and civil-rights movements?

It tells us that, even though she should probably direct the energy toward getting her gaydar repaired, Carly Rae will do anything to get that hottie from the video for her breakthrough single, "Call Me, Maybe?" to maybe call her, even though he's more into her male bandmates (because he's gay).

A release from stated that in addition to the same-sex-sweating character in the video, Jepsen's "music is a staple at pride events across the US." So even if she can't gulp down that hunkalunk's six-pack like a case of Mexican cola, there are plenty of gay fish in the sea.

Hey, Carly! If you're looking for confusing love, know that we would go gay for you in the flash of a strobe light in a leather daddy's pigpen.