Flogging Molly's Frontman Dave King on Humor and Music

Flogging Molly's sound and sentiments boast the same rebellious streak as the Pogues, Black 47, and the Dropkick Murphys, bands that stir Celtic traditions and add an ample does of insurgency. Their geographical bond stretches across a substantial divide, given that founder and frontman Dave King is a native of Dublin and his wife and playing partner, fiddler, guitarist and band co-founder Bridget Regan hails from Detroit.

Their songs resonate with unfettered urgency, relentless abandon, and an emotional resilience that speaks to the heart of today's troubled times. That stalwart assurance is underscored by the group's instrumental make-up, a raucous collision of guitar, fiddle, accordion, mandolin, bass and percussion. Then there's their seven albums bolstered by both brash, defiant anthems and a certain poignant point of view. Their lyrics connect King's childhood memories of Ireland's ethnic strife to vivid reflections of today's modern malaise. The band's most recent album, tellingly titled Speed Of Darkness, takes that upstart stance even further, while putting focus on an economic plight that's common to Ireland, America and in fact, the rest of the world.