ActivistArtistA's KeroWACKED, an Homage to Jack Kerouac With Much Music

You probably learned a few things about the area known as the District in Boynton Beach while reading our recent take on ActivistArtistA's art walk. One of the warehouse area's newer neighbors, ActivistArtistA is both a gallery and houses studios for artists. Lea Vendetta, Andrew Ackerman, Alexia Hemingway, and Chan Shepard make up the KeroWACKED crew, who will host an "Homage to Jack" (Kerouac, of course) with an excess of culture.

"Multi-Media Marathon, an Art and Music Fest," will take place on February

26 on the ActivistArtistA Gallery and Grounds. You can expect a healthy

dose of beat poetry and sensibility. Possibly you should wear black, a

beret, and don't quit smoking till the 27th.

The requisite jazz musicians will attend and perform. You'll also hear the beachy pop of Mike

Mineo, the guitar riffs of Teri Catlin, and Boca electro-trio


The list continues on and on with all sorts of sounds and beats. The list is huge! Expect to hear bands as diverse as Duncan Beats, the M(e)yers Trilogy, the Loxahatchee Sinners Union,

Behold the Wolf, Steve Minotti, LMNOP, and Al Kush. DJs include Shayne

Pilpel, Brock Lambert, Alex de Marchi, and [in Boxes].

What else would you expect from such a Kerouacian event but live poetry and automatic writing,

which is superbeat, bro? Live painting by Alan

Burgess, Roly Chang Barrero, Lea Vendetta, Jamall Clark, and Andrew

Ackerman will entertain the more visually inclined. All of this and then you can also watch street artists and

muralists install their work. Definitely a multimedia festival that stays true to its title.

Catch "KeroWACKED: Homage to Jack" on February 26 at ActivistArtistA Gallery and Grounds, 422 W. Industrial Ave., Boynton Beach.

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