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A Quick Interview with Guitar Magician Buffalo Brown

Buffalo Brown's been a fixture of South Florida's music scene for some years now and his quiet demeanor has been a grounding factor in two of the scene's better acts. From the Afro-groove electronically-tinged Latin pop of Elastic Bond to the trip-hop, improvisational acid-jazz of Out of the Anonymous (OOTA), Brown's guitar work is key in both. A man of few words, we recently had a chance to ask him some questions.

County Grind:Who are you, where do you come from and why does your smile betray a feeling of mischief?

Buffalo Brown: When I speak to myself, I am speaking to Buffalo. I was birthed in NY and raised in Miami. Fun can be so inspiring and mischief can be such fun.

You are part of two seemingly disparate acts down here, Elastic Bond and Out of the Anonymous, how do you feel your work relates to each and are there other projects that you have brewing?

In Elastic Bond I get to reference a wide palette of stylistic approaches within the context of a well structured song/piece. In Out of the Anonymous I get to reference a wide palette of stylistic approaches within the context of a song/piece that is being structured via group improvisation.
I've been spending some time making ruptures within energy interruptions along with a Walrus that has psychokinetic abilities... Maybe it will be released in the summer.

You are in the opinion of many, a gentle giant, but since you trucked through me in the mosh pit at the Lightning Bolt show last year, that's an opinion that I beg to differ on, is there an intensity underlying there that might one day lead to you recording a death metal album? How would you describe your guitar work?

Some of that death metal stuff has great rhythm and harmonic texture. Someone once called me a guitar magician. Sometimes I play low notes, sometimes I play high notes, sometimes I play no notes.

While I can see how Elastic Bond works via the output and live performances, OOTA is bit more of a mystery for me and as a long time fan, the methodology to the outfit is something that intrigues me, how does OOTA operate?

Ulysses once said that we play heuristically; it's also how we operate.

In closing, any upcoming events, releases that we should be aware of?

We (OOTA) will be playing a special outdoors event during the next Art Walk in the Design District at The Garden Lounge next to the Moore Building at 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 9th.
Through this event we will be raising funds to release a new album in the next few months.

Out of the Anonymous - "Self-Evident"

Elastic Bond - "Sometimes"

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