The Darkness' Dan Hawkins on Nostalgia Acts: "You're Going to Be Pretty Sorry... When They're All Fucking Dead!"

Rock 'n' roll -- at least in its most essential form -- will never truly die. The organism evolves, splits, and reforms as time marches on, but at the end of the day, there is absolutely no substitute for what a band like the Darkness does. These British glam-rock revivalists harken us back to a time when unitards were acceptable on-stage male attire, guitars were loud, and songs were sung in only the highest pitches. A time, when rock music was about having fun.

The Darkness released its monster-selling debut, Permission to Land, in 2003. The group has since risen above alcoholism, a failed sophomore release, and infighting between the brothers Hawkins to return in a triumphant tornado of guitars, glitter, and falsettos. This is all courtesy of a well-received fresh release, Hot Cakes, mended bonds between brothers, and a little help from none other than Mother Monster herself.

We spoke with guitarist Dan Hawkins as the band recouped from its world tour about Gaga, sobriety, and the enduring relevance of rock music.