Five Wildest Moments at Black Locust Society's End of the World Swarm

While the "doomsday preppers" were tucked away in their bunkers with stockpiles of Spam preparing to put their heads between their knees and kiss their asses goodbye, the Fort Lauderdale party squad known as Black Locust Society welcomed the predicted December 21, 2012, armageddonapocalypse (yes, one word) with open arms for the eighth edition of their notorious warehouse party, Swarm.

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The line-up of Ex Norwegian, Los Bastardos Magnificos, Black Seal, the JAMS crew, and the epic BLS All Stars could very well have spawned the beginning of the end. Lucky for the hundreds of bundled up rage-aholics, the end of the end of the world came and went flawlessly. But, if the world were to have miraculously combusted minutes after the clock struck midnight, partygoers would have been lucky to breathe their last breaths at the foot of the Mayan pyramid, which was retrofitted inside the BLS warehouse.

In true Swarm fashion, the night featured insanity of all sorts, courtesy of endless beers, some funny smelling cigarettes, and the outrageous vibe of Black Locust Society. Here is a breakdown of the madness that crept upon the blustery night of 12-21-12, the night the world didn't end.