Florida Representative Mike Weinstein Employs Break Dancers in Campaign Video

Credit the Juice's expert reporter (and closet audiophile) Tom Francis for identifying one of the catchiest political campaign songs since "I Like Ike." Kenny Loggins probably won't have much of a case if he goes after Jacksonville Republican Mike Weinstein -- a dead-ringer for the Bluth family patriarch -- but this peppy song has all of the roiling bass, upbeat melody and dancing (!) to rival Footloose. And the whole thing only cost $6,000. Charlie Crist, take note.

Francis says: "This music video is from Florida Representative Mike Weinstein, from

Jacksonville. He's a Republican -- as you probably guessed from the

dancing scenes. (Warning: Around the 2:52 mark, a dancer makes a move

that's not quite for the family-values crowd.)" County Grind is all about dysfunctional family values, so get an eyeful of choice screen shots below.