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WMC Review: Bassnectar at Circa 28

Antidote party, featuring Bassnectar and the Freestylers

Circa 28, Miami

Sunday, March 30

Better than: A ripe, juicy peach on a hot summer afternoon while your boombox spills the top 40.

A good amount of closing joints were poppin’ off Sunday night to see the close of WMC ’08, but downtown had it again. This time around, Circa 28 in Wynwood hosted Antidote,” pullin’ in headliners like number-one stunna Bassnectar and The Freestylers for one last hoooorah. Kickin’ it with a scandalous throwback to the Beastie Boys (who Bassnectar followed at Langerado late-night), torches were thrown during “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)." Then, paying tribute to Bassnectar's own personal fave, Nirvana, the nastified beats of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” merged with what I semi-recall as a possible Eminem sample thrown into the banana split.

For the most part, Necta threw down some tight and sweet reggae beats, which had locals like myself snakin’ moves like woah. It was ON when buddy pulled Mims out of his left pocket. Sliced with some Erykah Badu, the Necta virgins and pros were on the prowl during “This Is Why I’m Hot,” which might as well have collapsed the second floor of the club in right then and there. The beauty of Bassnectar is that he mashes up like six different genres at a time, breaking him through into his own category of filthy deck dominance. This San Fran native has definitely got it going on. Never afraid to try something dank, Necta threw a mike over to homebody from Cali who freestyled to some more-than-worthy new tracks.

Like a kid in a candy store, I couldn’t help myself. I was that girl... you know the one who has her head bobbing against the speaks to let the beat juice take hold and travel through my ear drums over to any lobe of my brain willing to stay vacant. This hip-hop freestyle freak had monkeys banging their thimbles for a set that might as well have been served straight up with a seducing side of sweet potato mash, coated with caramelized sugar and topped up with a fat sack of chronic, because this shit was fire! -- Tracy Block

The Juice: Bassnectar breaks the mold crossing into zones and genres some hardcore beat-breakers might consider dangerous. But the sick nasty set was well-received, as always.