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Bleubird, Sole & K-the-I-??? Give Ace Hood's "Hustle Hard" an Indie-Rap Makeover

For those already shaking their heads in disapproval at another ironic mainstream rap parody, save your neck muscles for the nod factor on this Lex Luger-produced banger -- cuz ain't shit sweet here. Starring Fort Lauderdale's own flighty friend Bleubird as Ace Hood, L.A.'s K-the-I-??? as Rick Ross and Anticon co-founder Sole as Lil Wayne, each rapper goes hard on the topic of hustling, indie rap style.  

Made up of at least as much homage as mimicry, there's a palpable sense of steadfast dedication and experience-hardened intentness just below the laughable Caddyshack-like exterior. They might be donning country club attire, hamming up their accents and wild'ing out on a golf course but these guys are serious as fuck about their hustle and as a result the track still maintains as a rowdy four-minute slice of anthemic grind gospel.

The track itself appears on Sole's Nuclear Winter Volume 2, available for free download at

And if you don't think being an indie rapper is a hustle just talk to anyone who's spent the last ten years touring the world off music, living show guarantee to show guarantee, promoting records with little-to-no label support, odd jobbing, sleeping on couches and essentially dedicating their entire life to something that as hard to make it in as the NBA. In fact, talk to Bleubird because that's exactly what he's been up to. 

His most recent hustle is a one man video travel blog called "FREEEBIRD," sponsored by the budding label Grim Image. Trucking across the U.S. in a graphic-wrapped RV on a virtually non-stop tour for the past two years, he's been documenting the left of the dial cultural interests of indie America.  From grimy stoops in Brooklyn to roller derbies in the deep south to the innards of previously forbidden studios, Bird uses the vast network he's accumulated through years of touring to take you where you can't go yourself. Watch his mission statement below and then catch some episodes on the FREEEBIRD website.

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