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Five Best South Florida Christmas Songs

Oh boy! Another year almost down the drain, and here we find ourselves running out of shopping time for another holiday season. Great, nothing makes the holiday season better than more unnecessary stress. Well actually, that's not entirely true; bickering relatives, gaudy sweaters, Uncle Bob thick in the eggnog, all manners of little things add up to what therapists will eventually tell you will be cherished memories.

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All fine and dandy if my sheriffs here at the Grind granted me Ann Landers powers and you, all three of you readers, sent some letters in. So what better way to greet this upcoming season than with some tunes by local artists we've either ignored or were not aware of? That's right, from the downright cheesy to those fallen to the wayside, we here at County Grind wish you and yours a happy and safe Holiday season.

5. New Found Glory - "The Christmas Song"
Undoubtedly the yuletide dream of many a teenage girl, these Coral Springers cut lose in somebody's house trying their darnest to set things on fire and decorate for the festivities. It's sweet to think of their chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Misguided? Yes. Cute? Adorably so. Especially when they shout out Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Available on cassette now for you!