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Horrible Students Don Blackface and Reenact Chris Brown and Rihanna Beating

Racism in America?! Pshaw. We have a black president. Remember? Doesn't exist. And domestic abuse? Can you joke about that? Well you can in the small town west of Binghamton, New York, called Waverly. 

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At a homecoming rally, three white male students wearing blackface -- yes, blackface -- performed a 30-second skit lightheartedly reenacting the 2009 incident where Chris Brown beat Rihanna. One of their fellow students sent in a photo to CNN, and now we're all aware of how horrible the world really is. 

According to CNN, the dude playing blackface Brown was up for a popularity contest. To gain the title of Mr. Waverly, your skit has to get the most cheers. Like, yay to domestic violence and racism?

These folksy folks live in nowheresville where racism is just a way of life. Worst of all, it seems even the school's officials approved the sketch. Apparently, blackface repeats itself. Last year someone dressed as Tiger Woods.

Twitter lit up with comments about the skit. Many were critical, but some defended the skit.

"I don't think it was offensive at all," said Chelsea House, who earned her high school diploma from Waverly last year and moved to Alabama but returned for homecoming last week and saw the skit.

"There's nothing wrong with blackface. There's nothing wrong with dressing up as a black person. Black is but a color," House said.

Yikes! Talk about having no historical context, taste, or class.