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MP3 of the Day: "Right on the Money" by the Pretty Faces

It may seem like there's been a blog avalanche on Crossfade about the Pretty Faces, but it's because they deserve it. The Boca-based quartet is one of Palm Beach County's best-kept rock secrets -- a welcome, refreshing blast for fans of the Kinks, the Raspberries, Badfinger, and any number of other top rock acts who ably mixed barroom skronk with pop polish. The foursome has been slowly working its way south through South Florida's circuit, and recently released its second album, Another Sound.

Check the link after the jump to download a free copy of their song "Right on the Money" from Last.FM. I've frequently dropped a Big Star comparison when talking about the Pretty Faces, but it rings particularly true here -- the song's wistful melody could have easily been an Alex Chilton outtake. Still, this is just a particularly mellow cross-section of the band's sound. Live, they are amped up, with a fierce juke-joint act's swagger, but still retaining a subtle, sugary sweetness.

You can also stream the full album (10 songs) on the band's Last.FM page, and

if you like what you hear, please buy a copy on iTunes or CDBaby -- they financed this

whole labor of love themselves. Check out the band's MySpace page for more information and a list of upcoming shows.

MP3: The Pretty Faces - "Right on the Money"