Cat Power Surprises Eddie Vedder's Audience Onstage in Fort Lauderdale (VIDEO)

For his Friday night show at Broward Center for the performing arts, Eddie Vedder pulled out all the stops (check back on Monday morning for the full review) including a guest appearance by singer Chan Marshall, a.k.a Cat Power.

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The 40-year old songstress surprised the audience when she appeared on stage during Eddie Vedder's concert. Following his cover of "Good Woman," Vedder noted that he hadn't seen Marshall since the pair recorded "Tonight You Belong To Me" in Seattle.

"I am very happy she is here tonight, and please treat her with respect. The great Chan Marshall." Vedder said, welcoming Marshall to the stage.

Sporting a bleach blonde mohawk and a healthy glow, Marshall and Vedder embraced before singing their version of "Tonight You Belong To Me" off Ukulele Songs. According to Vedder, it was the first live performance for them as a duet. During the second encore, Marshall re-appeared on stage for added vocals on "Hard Sun." 

Despite recent news of bankruptcy, health struggles, and European tour cancellations, the Miami-based singer appeared coherent and performed without issue.