Live Kreyol Hip Hop


Buggah D. Govanah, president of On Point Entertainment and Marketing  is sick of bootleg rap shows with bad sound and no production value. He's set out to change that through a benefit for Haiti that's creating a platform for Caribbean artists and artists of Caribbean descent to get together on stage and perform for a multigenerational audience.

Buggah: "Manno Charlemagne is an old-school Haitian revolutionary, one

of the first people that started talking about the ills of society nah mean.

I wanted to bring him together with rappers cause they pretty much touch on the

same subjects. He would sing about things that would... Haiti

doesn't talk about what goes on around them. He sang about the poor, the hungry,

the sick, about the government. The problem is the

younger generation don't know about him. I do know he's a

legend. I know he's someone my folks used to listen to. I wanted to bring his audience and our audience together like

the urban kids that's into hip hop. Manno is more folklore more world music."The show will feature performances from MECCAakaGRIMO, Manno Charlemagne, Zobyno Squad, Joe Hound, Flo, Mawon, Belo, Da Da, Redd Eyez,  and Grindmode and will be hosted by DJ Griot. Tickets are $12 in advance and can be purchased at:

Chef Creole - 13105 W. Dixie Hwy
Maxi Sounds - 11854 W. Dixie Hwy 305-895-8006
Touche Douce Records - 13920 NE 12th Ave

Buggah Da Govanah promises 2 special guests who are too big to announce will also perform. The homie is Wyclef's right hand man in Miami so it could be him. It all goes down at the North Miami Senior High School Auditorium (800 NE 137th Street North Miami, FL 33161). Buggah says "It's the last day of school for high school, so everybody come represent your schools, all my Carribean peoples it's time to understand each other and move forward. Parents bring your kids, it's a family event and a clean show."

Proceeds will benefit Haitian Youth Of Tomorrow (H.A.Y.O.T), Yele Haiti

(Wyclef's organization), and (MECCAakaGrimo's foundation).

Check out for more info.

-- Jacob Katel