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DJ Tamara Sky Featured in Missbehave Magazine

Carlos Ramos/Miami Fever
DJ Tamara Sky is always in the spin cycle.
To say Miami via Puerto Rico DJ Tamara Sky is gorgeous is sort of an understatement. I've been at plenty of parties around the city where she's been like two feet away from me but never had the nerve to introduce myself. One day, when I finally did introduce myself, it was after a copious amount of drinks. Yet, even then I think I stuttered my way through the whole introduction.

But I bet it has to be a tad frustrating to be beautiful woman and be a DJ. Woman receive little respect in the profession as is, and being looked at just some sort of thing to ogle at probably doesn't help. Yet, it seems after reading Sky's interview with Missbehave Magazine, she seems to embrace her beauty because people underestimate her. She says to Missbehave:

"Some just think, 'I'm hot, so I'm going to put together a mix

tape, act like I'm a DJ, and put some pasties on my boobs.'" And while

Tamara's had her own fair share of skeptics, explaining one instance in

particular when, "DJ Scribble was giving me attitude, then after

finishing my gig said, 'Wow. You're so good. I really thought you were

going to suck.'"

The element of surprise is always good one to have. You can read Sky's full interview with Missbehave here. And if you need a bit more convincing that she's more than meets the eye, you can download her Pussy Violence Live Mix here.

[via The Midnight Rambler]