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Nightlife Review: H.O.S.H. at Electric Pickle, Desyn Masiello at Dream, January 8

Photo by Nicole Cussell
Desyn Masiello spinning at Dream.
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H.O.S.H. at Electric Pickle, Miami
Desyn Masiello at Dream, Miami Beach
Friday, January 8, 2010

A chill blew into town this week, and it seemed as if that was all everyone was talking about. By Friday, I was looking forward to partying with the people who weren't scared off by the drastic change in weather. Desyn Masiello was spinning at the F.U.B.A.R. party at Dream, so I started the night with a double-D devirgination. Not only had I never been to Dream, but I had never experienced Desyn solo.

I arrived just before 1 a.m., and the place was already packed. Table service bottle sparklers were in effect ("I bought an overpriced bottle of champagne, look at me!") and dancers wearing Desyn shirts shook their bikini- clad booties.   

Desyn came on and we were eased into sexy, thumping beats that were at times both dark and hypnotic. I was impressed but not at all surprised. This British electronic music producer was once described to me as the "rebirth of the DJ," and from what I heard at Dream, he does appear to be calling for a renewal of the progressive dance sound. The style is difficult to pigeonhole, but easy to dance to. 

Alas, just as things were getting started, I received the text message that friends were arriving at the Electric Pickle, so not even halfway into Desyn's four hour set I decided to leave. I had plans to check out German import H.O.S.H. at the Pickle at least a week before I realized Desyn was in town. H.O.S.H., a.k.a. Holger Behn, is credited with holding up the deeper side of the Diynamic label and is known for his melodic tech-house productions.  

I arrived at the mainland club to catch a definite solid groove, and there were moments where everything seemed wonderfully bouncy and infectious. But the crowd died out earlier than what I'm used to at the Pickle, and the vibe wasn't dynamic like H.O.S.H.'s label name implies. I was expecting a bit more, and it seemed both the DJ and the crowd felt the same. 

Back at Dream,Desyn reportedly switched it up and played an open-format set for his last hour even throwing some Pink Floyd into the mix (likely another one of his original edits). I was told the place was still packed at 5 a.m. which is the time South Beach laws require him to stop the fun.

What's the buzz in clubland this Monday?

*One club is rumored to be on the brink of getting shut down while another old favorite is scheduled to be resurrected sometime soon. 

*It was so flippin' cold Saturday night that Space decided not to open the terrace for its legendary Sunday morning afterhours.

-- Nicole Cussell