Jeffree Star Releasing Debut Album, Headlining Culture Room July 29

Gender-bending Myspace superstar Jeffree Star is officially headlining her own show at the Culture Room on July 29. Ms. Star has her own fashion line, does some modeling, calls herself the "Queen of the Internet", and is now expanding her titles to include singer/songwriter. Star is all about androgyny, taking up the mantle David Bowie made so chic thirty plus years ago. Jeffree is no David Bowie, at least when it comes to music, but she's (hopefully) not trying to be. Instead, she's content with twisting around gender roles and identities and making people as uncomfortable as possible with their preconceived notions of sexuality. If you'd like to see for yourself, just drop $12 on a ticket and show up around 7 p.m. You're sure to be entertained at the very least...