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Snoop Dogg Supports Colt 45 Blast, But Will You?

If messages on its Twitter page are to be believed, Blast by Colt 45, will "take over" the Ultra Music Festival this weekend. Although it's hard to imagine that these new 23.5 oz cans of sugary booze (12 percent!) will dominate much more than some stories of hungover regret people tell on Monday, they've already bought drawn the support of Snoop Dogg -- and the ire of nearly everyone else.

When Blast officially hits the shelves on April 5, Reuters reports that there are several prominent people trying to get it off those shelves just as soon after, including a guy who runs a rehab clinic and a New York City councilman. Unlike the banned version of Four Loko, this product does not contain caffeine.

The Blueberry Pomegranate flavor is described as such: "Combines the sweet yet smooth taste of blueberries with the tart finish of pomegranate juice to create a unique flavor that is as bright and bold as the liquid color itself." To say nothing of the bold color it will create on the shirt of someone standing in front of you. Even if this weekend is likely going to be filled with bad decisions for everyone, the Colt 45 horse with crooked hind leg on a Fruitopia background symbolizes the worst sort of self-cruelty.

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