Khaled, E-Class' Live From the 305 Takes Over The Internet

​DJ Khaled says, "Liiiisten." He says "We the best." And he says, "We global."

E-Class from Poe Boy Records says he's right and together with some of the best artists the streets have to offer they're proving it's true.

Live From the 305 is a compilation album they've created that is backed by the power of some of the mainstream rappers our city has produced, and infused with the underground elements that of artists working for the big crossover.

A simple Google search for Live From the 305 will show you that the album has hit the web in a big way. It's definitely for sale, but more importantly it has hit the torrents, whose free music downloading will truly make the participating artists known worldwide.

This type of unity is what takes the individual efforts of various artists and makes them into a movement greater than each of the participants. Watch Miami flood the world with that crack. Live from the 305.

Click here to stream a few tracks. The official track listing after the jump.

  1. DJ Khaled Intro
  2. Billy Blue ft. Brisco, Trick Daddy - Look What I Did
  3. Brisco ft. Flo Rida, Billy Blue, Ace Hood - Just Know Dat
  4. Redd Eyezz ft. Flo Rida, Juvenile - How Much
  5. Mista Mac ft. Flo Rida, Brisco, Ball Greezy - Drop That
  6. Suthun Boy - I Ain't Him
  7. Trina ft. Shonie - Ain't Shhh
  8. Brisco ft. Ball Greezy, Billy Blue - Black Shades
  9. Billy Blue - Fresh From Head To Toe
  10. Jackie-O ft. Brisco - M.I.A.
  11. Bizzle - Lip Biting Animal
  12. Brianna - Duh
  13. Brisco ft. Swazy Baby, Y.D., Spoat, Charles Reed - 50 Ft.
  14. Unda Surveilance ft. Brisco, Ace Hood - Fuck Who Don't Like It
  15. Hennessi ft. Webbz - That's Wat It Iz
  16. Billy Blue ft. Brisco - Get Like Me
  17. Piccalo - Sticken' Again
  18. Flo Rida ft Brisco, Billy Blue, Ball Greezy, Rick Ross, Redd Eyezz, Bred, Pitbull, Ace Hood - Yayo
  19. C.O.A. Babii - Wig'n