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PeteRocc Interview - Presents Community Vibes IV

Video Games and Hip Hop are worldwide phenomenon's of the past 30 or so years. is bringing you both, free, in a big and underground way. Find out what Godfree and PeteRocc got in store for you....

Here's the E-Mail interview I did with PeteRocc, co-host of GamerTagRadio.

1. What is Community Vibes all about and what role does Gamertag Radio play in uniting music and gaming?

Community Vibes IV is Gamertag Radio's (GTR) 4 year anniversary

celebration. It's our way of giving back to the gaming & hip hop

commnity. Since day 1, GTR has always been about our 1st loves, Video

Games and Hip Hop. Our weekly podcast features interviews with gaming

industry execs and/or hip hop artists. We recently featured an

interview with Hip Hop legend B-Real (Cypress Hill) on our show!

2. How much traffic does your site get and how much of that is from the local community?

The numbers change daily, but we've done so well that MTV extended an

offer recently for us to join their Generation Tribes network and will

soon feature our content on the MTV front page. Of course we said yes.

but we never forget where we came from. Miami is where the site was

born and we'll always be representing the 305!

3.How'd you come up with the gaming party concept and how do you get girls to go?

A few years ago we had a small party at a family members office. The

party was promoted via the Gamertag Radio site and had about 50-60

people show up. After that we talked to our staff and were discussing

ideas for 2008. We came up with an idea of throwing a birthday

celebration for the site in February. We got tons of support from the

gaming community and the video game developers. We got over 600 people

to show up at PS14 last February for the event with attendees from as

far as Seattle and Canada!

We try not to discriminate against who shows up but obviously guys will

go to where the girls are. That's why we're reaching out to the growing

female gaming population as well as the local college scene here in

South Florida.

4. What's your affiliation with Garcia and Mayday and why's the underground/local movement important to what you do?

Like last year we're featuring live performances from local hip hop

artists Mayday! and Garcia as well as a special DJ set by Miami's own

DJ Sharpsound. Garcia was unable to attend last year due to the recent

birth of his child but is looking forward to rocking the stage this

year. Garcia has been doing this for a long time and well known in

Miami, FL. He has been on MTV, Miami Ink, Magazines and many other

places. Sharpsound was nuts last year spinning underground and old

school hip hop joints that had everybody's head nodding. But it was

Mayday! that stole the show last year. Last year's attendees can attest

to their ability to bring the funk! Mayday released a video a few years

ago featuring Cee-Low (Gnarls Barkley & Goodie Mob) & DJ Craze

(3 time DMC World Champion) and got over 2 Million views within 48hrs

at Youtube for their track, Groundhog Day


The members of Mayday! are also good friends of the Gamertag Radio

crew. Wrekonize, the newest member of the group and Sharpsound are the

ones that produced the different intro's of our weekly podcast and have

helped in the past with music related projects.

Mayday (

Garcia (

Make sure to support them and get their new albums coming out early

this year. We try and feature local artists and help get them the

needed exposure they need to succeed.

5. What sponsors do you have for the event and how much money worth of stuff are you giving away?

We've got about $5000 in prizes and giveaways this year, including Xbox

360 Elites and a Playstation 3 to giveaway to 2 lucky attendees.

Our main sponsor is Tritton Technologies this year. Tritton is a

manufacturer of high end multimedia products from California and is

known in the gaming industry for its amazing AX series gaming

headphones. The headphones are mid-priced but feature 4 speakers in

each cup (8 total) and utilize True Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound

technology. They sound amazing regardless of whether you're playing

video games or watching a movie. For more information on their

products, you can go to

Other sponsors of the event include gaming industry giants Microsoft,

Electronic Arts, Activision, Midway, Namco Bandai and more.

6. Is there alcohol?

Yes, and plenty of it! The event is being held at Ecco Lounge in

Downtown Miami. Ecco Lounge is a 2 story, 4,500 square foot Italian

Restaurant and Lounge located in the heart of Downtown Miami. This is a

blessing in disguise for not only us, but the party goers as last year

we didn't account for food and PS-14 isn't located close to any food

spots. At Ecco Lounge, you can take the stairs or elevator down to the

first floor. The restaurant downstairs features a menu developed by

three-time award winning pizza chef champion Chef Massimo Fabio Bruni

from Italy. Aside from delectable pizzas, Ecco Pizzateca® will also

offer a special menu serving vegetarian meals with organic vegetables,

whole-wheat options and a selection of signature salads. Those

interested in learning more about Ecco Lounge, can go

7. Are you expecting people to travel to come down for this event?

Absolutely! Just like last year, we expecting people from all over the

country. Just off the top of my head, we have people coming from

Canada, Seattle, San Francisco, NYC, Philadelphia & Michigan. We're

expecting around over a 1000 people to show up at the event and hope to

be able to get everyone into the venue without overcrowding it.

8. How many people are involved with putting on the event?

Internally, most of the event coordination is done by myself and the

site's founder, Danny Peña (aka Godfree). Godfree and I usually start

planning the event around August and September. Planning the theme or

concept is sometimes the hardest part. Last year was the first time

we'd thrown an event together and we were lucky to have the support of

our friends, family and especially our staff members. Their input is

key as they are gamers just like ourselves. Then we start reaching out

to the gaming companies and music artists to see if there's anything we

can collaborate with them and go from there. Around December through

February, its just non-stop. Big shout out to Tritton, SFX-360,

Destructoid, R3y's Gameday & Game Wars for all of their help in

planning and making it happen.

9. What's your message to the local gaming community, and just people

that are into free shit and or hip hop in general and shit like that.

There have been some major changes in the gaming industry recently due

to the economic climate, but the gaming community is getting stronger

as a result. The gaming community is going to have some tough

challenges in the months to come but we all need to work together to

make things happen. This is a business first and foremost and people

shouldn't take things personal. You just have to come up with a plan B

if things are not working for you.

That's why were so happy about Community Vibes IV. It's because we have

so many people helping us out from the gaming community. Thats the only

way good things can come for all of us. Unity is the key to success.

WHAT: "Community Vibes IV"

WHEN: Saturday, February 21th, 2009 3pm - 10pm

WHERE: Club Ecco: 168 SE 1st St. Unit 1A, Miami, FL 33131

WHO: and You

COST TO ENTER: None, zip, zero!  


Peter (aka Peterocc)


CoHost | Gamertag Radio