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Jonny Veo Benefit at C&I Studios Reunites Green Room DJs

The South Florida music community is like a family. If one of us goes down, you can bet the rest of us will support that fallen cousin in party. Whether it's in the form of a cold brew or a whole night dedicated to raising money to help pay medical bills, you're set for life in these tropical parts.

In the case of Jonny Veo, after a random, violent attack in downtown Fort Lauderdale, the nightlife forces have come together to raise funds in the form of a dance party, cutely called "A Kitten for Jonny."

Veo does all the booking and promoting for parties on Tuesdays at the Dubliner and Thursdays at the Vagabond. But this event is taking place at Fort Lauderdale's haven for creativity, C&I Studios. Organized and with music by former Green Room resident DJs Lindersmash! (AKA Mike Linder), Lorenzo "DJ Kaos" Fernandez, Mig, and Tonx, they hope to raise some dough to help Veo with his mounting hospital bills. You see, Veo had his jaw wired shut -- and as if not being able to eat solid food or talk weren't enough -- he also has a broken eye socket and cheekbone.

"We want to help with his hospital bills," says Linder. They're only charging $10 at the door, and all proceeds go to help Veo cover his bills. "When you are bartending, you can get a good amount of money some nights, which is great. But if something happens, you have no sick days and no sick leave."

So, Veo needs our help. Linder goes on to explain that the event is a dance party with a raffle and will include a DJ reunion of those who worked with Jonny and haven't been together for a year. For the raffle, they're still collecting donations. When asked why the event was called "A Kitten for Jonny," Linder chuckles. "Everybody who knows Jonny knows that he is unhealthily obsessed with cats. He takes care of a bunch of strays by his house. If you know Jonny, you know it's his thing."

Another DJ hosting the night, Kaos, says of Veo, "When we moved Black Friday from Green Room to the Vagabond, we made sure there was a job for him." Kaos also explained the feline theme -- "He has a strange obsession with cats" -- and further emphasized our original point, noting, Veo "is like family to us." And family always comes first.

"A Kitten for Jonny" Fundraiser. With DJ's LinderSMASH!, Kaos, Mig, and Tonx. 10 p.m. Saturday, March 15, at C&I Studios, 541 NW First Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Entrance is $10. Call 954-357-3934, or visit

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