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Artist Ross Ford Leaving Miami, ArtOfficial Sending Him Off

​Talk about a come-up. Ross Ford started his Miami art career in 2006 by selling his paintings on Lincoln Road and in front of Bayside Marketplace. From there, he moved into alternative spaces and live-painting in nightclubs, then representation from a gallery, and finally his own studio in an artist's compound. With his emphasis on prolific output, and use of high traffic pedestrian environments, chances are good that if you're reading this you've seen or know of him or his work.

Well Ross Ford is leaving to North Carolina, so here's your chance to get a piece of his work, drink free beer, and jam out to ArtOfficial.

Saturday, June 5 at 7 p.m. at Gab Studio in Wynwood, Ross says there will be a "big show with lots of art, keg beers and a special musical performance by my favorite Miami band, and long time supporters, ArtOfficial. My plan is to hang all the work in chronological order, so that you can experience the progression from the early work to the current work. I will be hanging paintings, drawings, sketch book pages and photos of me working."

At 400 works hanging, it's a behemoth of a show. If you're looking for a known talent in the scene and want to buy some art, this is a good place to do it. Or if you like to get drunk and dance, sounds like a good place for that, too. Just don't knock anything over. The official after-party with ArtOfficial will be at Bardot.