The Onion Announces Live Broadcast of Hilarious, Fake News at Parker Playhouse

It's becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between legitimate news stories - those that have actually expired in the real world - and the outlandishly hilarious bullshit people come up with in the name of LOL.

For example, doesn't a poll detailing how the U.S. congress is less popular than root canals, Donald Trump, and evenNickelback, sound like the kind of stuff they would cook up over at satirical news digest and teleivision network, The Onion?

Well, it's not.

And doesn't "CIA's Facebook Program Dramatically Cut Agency's Cost" sound like a fairly realistic headline? Well, then The Onion has successfully yanked your chain.

Those looking to immerse themselves in the ways of the tenuous line between journalism fact and farce should consider spending An Evening with The Onion this March at Parker Playhouse.

The multimedia production - which promises both new material and behind-the-scenes explorations of the popular parody media empire - is being coordinated by Blindspot, the event production wing of Ft. Lauderdale's ye olde record shoppe, Radio-Active Records, Salty Eggs Media, and a slew of co-sponsors including the Palm Beach International Film Festival, and Books and Books.

We recommend bringing a scorecard to keep up with how frequently you lose track of what's real life, and what's a J/K fantasy.

An Evening with The Onion. Presented by Blindspot, Salty Eggs Media, and Radio-Active Records. Sunday, March 10. Parker Playhouse. 707 Northeast 8th Street, Fort Lauderdale. More info TBA.