Against Me! Slam-Packed Fort Lauderdale's Culture Room Once Again

Friday night, Against Me! slammed back into town for the final show of its tour for the second year in a row, playing Culture Room -- same as last time.

Before the concert, Radio-Active Records hosted a meet-and-greet with the band. Attendance was surprisingly light, though I'd have to agree with the theory that fans skipped it because of chilly weather. Radio-Active's Mikey Ramirez warned that they'd be capping the crowd if it got crazy, which meant a line to get in should have been expected. South Floridians are a warm people, and being outside when it's 50 degrees doesn't work with our constitutions, apparently.

Laura Jane Grace, James Bowman, Atom Willard, and Inge Johansson smiled, laughed and chatted while signing stuff and taking pictures. I mentioned to Grace that I hadn't seen the band live in a long, long time, probably since my college in Gainesville (which would place us at Common Grounds around 2003, not long after Reinventing Axl Rose came out).

"Oh wow," she said, "It's a totally different show."

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