Mr. Vegas Keeps Heads High at Winter Music Conference With LargeUp

Caribbean lifestyle blog LargeUp, founded by DJ Gravy, is bringing a big voice in dancehall to one of South Florida's biggest electronic music festivals. You might think Mr. Vegas and Winter Music Conference are an unlikely pairing, but the similarities are clear: It's all dance music and all kinds of fun. No place in the world likes to dance like we do down here. 

New York dancehall party Rice and Peas -- also a project of DJ Gravy -- is also hosting the Wednesday affair. A monthly Monday-night party, it started underground and found its way into the hip venue Sway, and with Roxy Cottontail involved, it blossomed. New Times and LargeUp writer Jesse Serwer says of followers of the night, "You have to really want to go," considering that it was once off the beaten bath, but he assured, "Everyone has a good time."

The reason they chose the headliner they did, Serwer says, is "'cause Mr. Vegas is one of the greatest performers. He's so incredible live. His singing. He sounds like he does on his records, which is really unique. All of this comes across live." His name is not as well-known outside of Jamaica, but anyone who's heard dancehall music is familiar with his singles. 

Mr. Vegas is releasing a new album, Sweet Jamaica, which features covers of old reggae songs, a new endeavor for the musician. Serwer says, "We think this is a great album. It's going to cement his place as one of Jamaica's great artists." 

The rest of the night will feature DJs like Max Glazer, Orijahnal Vibez, and Major Lazer artists. MC Micro Don will be there to keep it authentically Jamaican. 

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