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Uncle Luke Runs for Miami Mayor, Proposes Stripper Tax

Definitely check out Frank Alvarado's excellent interview with 2 Live Crew vet Luther Campbell -- a funny, talented guy with a civic mind. On March 15, Miami-Dade County will have a recall vote for present Mayor Carlos Alvarez, and Uncle Luke wants to step in and clean house.

Campbell plans to run a grassroots campaign to engage young voters, rap fans, and anyone else who needs a reason to get pumped to vote. If he hasn't already done so, now would be the time to holler at former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura for some pointers.

In any case, this is going to be a popular campaign for everyone who gets to write blogs about such things -- but not for exotic dancers, apparently.

What's with your plan to tax exotic dancers?

LC: Even though all my stripper friends are gonna be mad at me, I think we can stimulate the economy with a tax on strippers. They make all this money and don't pay taxes. I'd take that cash and put it into a fund where it supports youth athletics for girls like cheerleading or softball. Or it can go to help pay for existing little girls programs that are struggling to get government assistance.

Even if it's just to cast an anti-Campbell ballot, we imagine strip club patrons and employees will do their civic duty next month.

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