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Bunny Yeager to Attend Her Sexy Pinup Show in Palm Beach

An American original on both sides of the lens, Miami's own Bunny Yeager mixes it up tomorrow among the swells of Palm Beach. How high the risqué have risen!

The '50s pin-up girl, who went on to a long career as a photographer, is in town for an exhibition of her work and to promote the book Bunny Yeager's Darkroom (complete with intro by Dita Von Teese). Ever-stylish and seemingly ageless, Yeager will be at the Gavlak Gallery, the island enclave's most cutting-edge arts space.

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A Pennsylvania girl who grew up to be, at one time, "the most photographed model in Miami," Yeager was sharp enough to plan for the future. As she told one interviewer: "I never intended to become a professional photographer but after I took a course it seemed like it might be a good idea - something to pursue after I got too old to model."

Bunny made a career in that male-dominated field, and rose into its stratosphere with her photos of Bettie Page, with whom she had a special rapport. Being a woman ''was probably an advantage,'' Yeager told the New York Times, ''because young girls were relaxed when they posed for me.''

Yeager, who continues to work in her Miami Beach studio, is the author of more than 30 books on technical aspects of pin-up photography, including 1964's How I Photograph Myself. The Gavlak show includes a selection of black and white work from that book, as well as photographs of Yeager at work with Page and others from throughout her career.

Bunny Yeager Book Signing. 2 to 4 p.m., Saturday, April 19, at Gavlak Gallery, 249 B Worth Avenue, Palm Beach.

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