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Cubiche Laying it Down at La Casa de Tula Friday

cu·bi·che [koo-be-che] - noun
1.    someone emigrated from Cuba
2.    derogatory term for a person of Cuban descent

For those of you unfamiliar, that's the definition of the word, as stated in the dictionary... or For what it's worth--Webster, oddly enough, doesn't actually have a view on the topic. And anybody with claim to the term can tell you that Urban Dictionary entry isn't worth much. Most of us--and by us, I include those proud stateside-born Cubans, like myself--tend to use the term with pride. I myself have frequently been heard saying, "Soy mas Cubiche que la caña de azucar" (translation: "I'm more Cubiche than sugar cane"). As any Cubiche worth his salt would say, "Te puedes limpiar el culo con el."

For another example of Cubiche pride, check out this group of the same name at La Casa de Tula (1513 SW Eighth St., Miami) on Friday. An eight-piece band of all-star vocalists you'll probably recognize from either various other groups or their solo gigs around town, Cubiche consists of some heavy hitters in Descemer Bueno (band director, bass, vocals), Michel Fragoso (piano, vocals), Philbert Armenteros (percussion, vocals), Leslie Cartaya (vocals, piano), El Chino Dreadlion (vocals), Mr.Haka (rapper, vocals), Elain (vocals) And Luis Bofill (vocals).

For a quick point of reference, think Yerba Buena, traditional Cuban sounds and rhythms given the modern-urban-hip-hop once over--but only as a point of reference. Cubiche has a vibe all their own.

Cubiche, Friday, May 14 at 10 p.m. At La Casa de Tula, 1513 SW Eighth St.