Kenny Millions Leads Avant Night at Radio-Active Records August 13

Fort Lauderdale's Radio-Active Records once again opens its doors to potential demolition by welcoming a collection of unkempt audible abominations Friday. The night's main course: avant-jazz/noise collage act Kenny Millions. Don't let this man near your bassoon, for it will be forever corrupted.

Add the bracing speaker serration of Last, Drowning the Virgin Silence's ambient dunes, drone/thumb piano specialist Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn (new tape here), Tumbleweave's twists on the Nintendo songbook, and Chrome Dick's conflated shredding. On top of it all, a screening of the freshly released Stan Brakhage DVD collection, By Brakhage: Volume 2. They call it "A Night in Heaven," but everyone in hell's hoping to get on the list too.

For earthlings, admission is free. Friday's melee runs 8 to 10 p.m. More info here.