Lilith Fair to Cancel South Florida Stop Because of Poor Ticket Sales? | New Times Broward-Palm Beach


Lilith Fair to Cancel South Florida Stop Because of Poor Ticket Sales?

Fresh off the news that Lilith Fair was adding another local component to each show by searching for a local social media ambassador at each tour stop, we have some possibly heartbreaking news: Lilith Fair might not be coming to West Palm Beach on August 10 after all.

We haven't officially received any confirmation from their press reps, but when the New York Times and Spinner talk, we listen.

Both have mentioned that the tour has been canceling dates due to poor

ticket sales. Though Terry McBride, co-founder of the festival goes on

to blame the recession, and noted, "We're in the middle of a recession.

The interesting thing is we're

stronger than most, but tickets are soft. Stateside has definitely been

hurt a lot more."

The New York Times mentions West Palm Beach specifically in their piece as one of the venues being dropped, though. It also doesn't help that The Globe and The Mail

have mentioned Norah Jones' manager saying that she was scheduled to

perform August 10-16, but those shows have now been dropped. "Norah was

prepared to do all the Lilith dates she was contracted for

and then those dates were canceled," the manager, Sam Feldman, said.


according to McBride, they haven't canceled anything at this time.

We'll keep our ears to the ground for you, but a Lilith Fair show in

South Florida isn't looking too good right now.