Anberlin Brought Bittersweet Final Show to Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale

I remember when my brother gave me a couple of Anberlin CDs years ago when I was in college -- the Never Take Friendship Personal and Cities albums. I fell in love with the rocky ballads, graceful lyrics, and the voice of Stephen Christian, which always softly rose above the riffs of the electric guitar.

I found myself mesmerized and energized by every song. On angry nights, I would pound the pavement of the Chicago streets running and blasting "Dismantle. Repair." and "Breaking." It was always a catharsis that ended with "The Unwinding Cable Car."

My relationship with Anberlin never ended, even though I hadn't been to one of the band's shows. That is, until last night, its second-to-last show ever. Years before, I remembered a friend telling me they sounded terrible live. I was happy to find out they were dead wrong.

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