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Mercury Wolff Move to NY and Raise Funds for a "Global Microphone"

If you heard less howling in the North Miami area, that's because the bohemian musical/artistic entourage the Wolffpack migrated north to Brooklyn. Earlier this year, singer Mercury Wolff and bass player Pluto were tired of delaying their tour and with $60 combined to their name and thanks to the kindness of strangers and the power of, they were able to play venues all the way from Orlando to Atlanta to North Carolina to New York. Now the musical collective are looking for donations on to make a new Wolff Den in Brooklyn.

"We have Wolffs all throughout Miami, now we want to get some of them to New York to have a global microphone. This is going to be a house of creative expression, but I can't do this alone, I need the rest of my pack up there." explained Mercury Wolff via telephone.

Mercury, born Heather Perez, took her name from two Gods, Mercury the god of messengers and Wolff, the Goddess of the hunt. She explained the difference between her two identities, "The band knows when I'm in a business or emotional mode they call me instinctively Heather. But when I'm getting creative they all call me Mercury because I'm expressing my god-self."

Among the crew looking to relocate are Dr. Danger and Turntable Prince who Mercury can't say enough positive things about. Although flexible about who she will perform with, there is still a rigorous screening process to allow entry into the Wolff Pack. "If you want to be in the band, you have to find the God within you. I cannot be the only goddess in the band."

Rewards for donating to bring the Wolffpack together range from a mention in their prayers for $5 to a personalized song for $75 to a Shamanic retreat in Nicaragua for $10,000. On their page, the band produced a video presenting this enterprise as an untelevised, unfilmed freakier version of MTV's Real World with an altruistic goal. "Our performances are transcendental. I'm not just an entertainer, but also a healer. Through entertainment our concerts invite the audience in on the journey to a healing process."

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