The Cadillac Bombers at the Poor House this Saturday

Chelsea's going away. Not Chelsea Clinton, no, not that one. That one got married. This Chelsea's simply just going somewhere else. As confirmed by local promoter Scenemom Debbie, tattoo artist Chelsea "White Chelsea" Kronick is her daughter. As part of her departure celebrations before she moves to Jacksonville, N.C., the Poor House will host a free show with the always snappily dressed Cadillac Bombers.

Sultry female vocals over a wash of twangy guitars and deep-voiced double bass with spastic stick work from the drummer. Wear a dress, show off them gams girl when your boy twirls you around! This sextet puts the sex in six and gets the party going good!

So farewell Chelsea! Whatever your future endeavors might be! Enjoy a little video after the jump whilst you press your two-tone button-down!

The Cadillac Bombers at 11 p.m. on Saturday, August 14th at the Poor House, 110 SW 3rd Ave, Ft. Lauderdale. No cover! Call 954-522- 5145.