Train's "Drive By" and Other Love Songs With Social Networking References

Recently, I heard Train's new song "Drive By," and for whatever reason, I let the radio play it all the way through. However, at one point, the lyric "My love for you went viral" caught my attention.

A myriad of questions suddenly flooded my brain. Did a band really make a social networking reference in a love song? Is that what we're reduced to nowadays? And are there other songs out there doing the same thing?

Although we're missing the days of love ballads like "Always" and "Keep on Loving You," we honestly can't deny our love for Twitter and Facebook. So we've compiled a list of love songs that make references to social networking websites.

5. Uffie - "MCs can Kiss"
"I got 9 million plays and 12 hundred friends"

4.M.I.A. - "XXXO"
"Tweeting me like Tweety Bird on your phone"

3.Gym Class Heroes - "New Friend Request"
"I remember when I first laid eyes on you
My man Tom introduced us but I was too shy to say hi
When I finally built up enough nerve to drop a line
You made it clear you wasn't just another myspace mistress

2.The Streets - "OMG"
"Looked at your status,
"In a relationship",
"In a relationship",
An earthquake hit me."

1. Train - "Drive By"
"My love for you went viral."

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