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Concert Review: Sweet Bronco at Propaganda, December 26

Sweet Bronco with The Pretty Faces, A Hunters Pace, and Retrocities

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Propaganda, Lake Worth

Better Than: John Elway and John Wayne dodging ponies as rodeo clowns.

As Sweet Bronco rocked the stage at Propaganda Saturday night, people were moved in various ways: Some shouted "Yeehaw!", most bobbed their heads while gripping PBR tall-boys, and a couple dudes strutted across the dance floor like they were choreographed by the zombie incarnation of Syd Barret (truly, some bizarre moves).

Sweet Bronco is the latest project of long time South Florida musician Chris Horgan (formerly of Catalonia, Chlorine, and Terremoto Wombat). Though Chris has been performing solo as Sweet Bronco for a couple of years (the video above is from more than a year ago), this was only the fourth time that the full band has hit the stage. The line-up features Chris on guitar and vocals, Jessica Glisson on bass, and fellow South Florida music veteran Steven Copeletti on drums. Chris' songs provide a trustworthy foundation, and from there the band rumbles and screeches outward. It's wholesome music with an experimental edge.

Though still in its infancy as a live act, there were no signs of

stumbling in the band's able gait. The set was an electrified gallop

showcasing danceable versions of songs good enough to please the

seated. Songs like "Morning Night", a favorite of mine from the

acoustic days, maintained its poetic sincerity even in its electric

incarnation. In other songs, taped samples were employed and Jessica's

voice was lovely both as a lead and harmony. Overall, the band's

offering was fun and inspired and left me looking forward to watching

this foal grow.

The evening was sweetened further by

accompanying acts Retrocities and The Pretty Faces (A Hunters Pace was

also on the bill, but I had to leave before they played,

unfortunately). Both delivered solid, dancey sets. The latter, which

recently returned from an East Coast tour, announced that it will be

taking a break from the stage to write for a bit. It was a nice "see ya

later" from them, and a good solid night of music overall. Yeehaw!

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: Having grown to love the songs in their acoustic form, I was primed for the plug-in.

Random Detail: Showing some 'true grit', Chris played the show with a sore hand.

By the Way: Sweet Bronco will be playing the Vagabond on January 8th.

-- T. Newbill