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Marc Anthony LOVES South Florida!

So yesterday I headed to the beach to bop up and down Collins, checking out some of the hotel parties for WMC.  I hit the Raleigh for a penthouse party given by AX, where the Belvy was flowing like sweat on the pool deck at the Shelborne, which is where I headed next.  I was just about ready to proceed to the Fountainbleu, when who do I meet in the crowded Shelborne lobby, but Marc Anthony!  Needless to say, I was stunned.  

"What are you doing here Marc, Anthony?" I asked.  But he reminded me that he's a longtime fan of dance music, and in fact his first English language album, When the Night is Over was a dance record he did with Little Louie Vega.

Then he suddenly, and for no apparent reason, reminded me that he's just announced a show in SoFla.  I know he's the biggest-selling Salsa musician of all time, a pop phenom, an actor, and he gets to go home to J Lo's spectacular derriere, but for some reason, he beseeched me to help promote his show.  

"Please Christopher Lopez," he said, "help me to get my message of Salsa music to your loyal Miami New Times readers!"


agreed and he hugged me, then walked off into the sunset.  I turned to

my boy Humberto Guida, Ocean Drive writer and all around celebrity in

his own right, and said, "did you see that?  I was chatting it up with

Marc Anthony!"

He shook his head solemnly and replied, "that

wasn't Marc Anthony, dude.  It was just some crackhead."  Then he

pointed at an incredibly tall, overweight 40-year-old with a beard and

said, "but Tom Green's standing right over there.  Hey, Tom Greeeeen!"


Marc...or skinny bug-eyed guy who wasn't really Marc and held a slurred

conversation with me about something else entirely, as promised, here's

your plug:  People of South Florida, Marc Anthony is known the world

over for the intensity of his performances.  Go catch him at the Hard

Rock Live on April 9th for a show you won't forget.


Anthony will be performing at the Hard Rock Live on Thursday, April 9th

at 8pm.  Tickets range start at $89, and there a $250 VIP package that

gets you all the blow you want...or perhaps not, but you will get to

enter through a special entrance to your floor seating, a CD and a