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Conjunto Progreso and Transit Offer Halloween Prelims

​Hurting on funds after spending 90 bones on that Halloween costume? You know the one, a slutty nurse, or a slutty cop, or a slutty Margaret Thatcher or whatever. And for you ladies, the slutty costumes only get more expensive! But, while Halloween isn't until Saturday, it is Halloween weekend, and that means you're obligated to party throughout--in this case we'll accept Thursday through Saturday or Friday through Monday, but three days is minimum. I don't make the rules.

Anywho...if you're looking for some Friday night partying on the cheap, Transit is always a great option. As you may well know by now, last Friday of the month means Conjunto Progreso will be throwing down, and that means you can expect nothing less than the very best in ass-shaking cubaneo ( that redundant?). For some Grammy-nominated son from the local masters themselves, make your way to the downtown night spot.

Conjunto Progreso perform at Transit Lounge on Friday, October 30, and every last Friday of the month. And, as you know, there's never a cover.