Top Five Tracy Morgan Musical Moments

Is there really anyone in entertainment as fearless and kinetic as comedian, actor, and ticking-time-bomb Tracy Morgan? Unlikely. Dude is practically the real-life version of his Saturday Night Live character Astronaut Jones: from another planet and a purveyor of ignorant sexual diatribes.

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Morgan is probably best known for his role on 30 Rock as the slightly more insane version of himself (very, very slightly) Tracy Jordan. On the show, he is the star of a fictional variety program TGS, written by his caretaker of sorts Liz Lemon. It is a Dada-ist version of reality. Morgan is also well-known for his eight-season residency on SNL where he became a household name with characters like Dominican Lou and Brian Fellows.

To supplement his sketch comedy background, Morgan's talk show appearances (especially from the past two years) have gained him the unofficial Most Likely to Expose Bare Stomach On-Air superlative. His movie appearances include Half Baked, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and How High, a.k.a. the best movie of all time. He's no stranger to controversy, especially with his offensive stand-up. Morgan is an utter bazooka of insults, ignorance, and sex banter. All things of good, great, and bad comedy. You'll be snarfing your rum and coke at his Seminole Casino Coconut Creek stand-up performance, and getting a peek at that beautiful belly, if you're lucky.

Here are our top five favorite Tracy Morgan musical moments.