Fresh Off the Van's Warped Tour, Lake Worth's Everymen Play Dress-Up Friday Night at Propaganda

About a year ago, New Times sat with bluegrass punks Everymen at Lake Worth coffee shop Mother Earth and shot the breeze. The self-proclaimed "crusty punks" prepared to release their debut album, When Water's Thicker Than Blood. Decorated with innumerable tattoos, facial piercings, and copious amounts of facial hair, the band members were in jovial spirits, cracking jokes at one another's expense and ecstatic about their upcoming LP and subsequent tour.

Everymen has since embraced the troubadour spirit. For over a year, these dudes have been either just returning from tour or about to embark on one. Even so, they managed to compile their sophomore effort, Beautiful Curse. It's a much more expansive and cohesive effort than their debut.