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Stone Temple Pilots Show at Hard Rock Live in Jeopardy?

via their MySpace page
Most of us remember Stone Temple Pilots as that mid-'90s rock band that loves art school girls and interstate love songs just about as much as they do creeps and vasoline (sic). Their arena rock stylings influenced many a teen to trade in their vans and JNCOs for a little plaid and black eyeliner rimmed eyes -- yours truly included.

We were half excited, half confused when we heard they'd be putting on a reunion tour and hitting Hard Rock Live on October 12. Sure, we love "Plush" and "Lady Picture Show" as much as the next guy, and understand the irony considering the grunge revival in both fashion and music, but STP?

Well, we might not have to worry about deciding whether or not to bask in nostalgia for much longer, now. It's just been announced that STP has canceled 12 tour dates for "unknown reasons."

The Hollywood, FL show is safe -- for now. They've rerouted a big chunk of their tour. That date hasn't been announced as officially canceled yet, but we can't help but worry for the band's health. Lead singer Scott Weiland went off on a bit of an odd drunken rant this past Sunday in Texas, when he said,

"I believe in music, I believe in rock 'n' roll, I believe in friendship and family. But you know what? On the 8th of December will be time when I stopped doing dope ... I started drinking again. My brother died, I got divorced, my wife ... and my whole world basically spun around and so you know what? I'm gonna take care of myself because that's what I need to take care of. Instead of just having a few shows, I wanna have a whole hell of a lot of shows."
To this, fans cheered uproariously, oddly enough. Did they hear him? Are Dallas Houston fans a bunch of jerks? Check out the video of his rant below, and tell us what you think: Would you mind if October 12's gets canceled? Were you looking forward to the show?