Otto Von Schirach's "Salpica" Video Brings Miami's Insides Out

When I got word that Julian Yuri Rodriguez was going to make a video for the lead single off of Otto Von Schirach's upcoming Monkeytown Records debut, I got really excited. Having had the pleasure of working under the direction of these bizarro savants, I knew the pairing of these two would be a match made in DMT/Adderall Heaven.

Von Schirach and Rodriguez both have the same work ethic, their unwritten rules are: 1. Nothing is too weird, 2. There's no such thing as "ugly," and 3. Let's go as far as we can so that we can't find our way back. The marriage of visual and audio on the "Salpica" video is perfect: Sexy mamis, trannies, the handicapped, and the deranged pop and flick in perfect time with the 808 kick drum. This is Miami bass, this is the underground, this is sexy, and this is charmingly disturbing. I'm proud that this video exists, and jealous that I wasn't a part of it!

The "Salpica" video premiered today on