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Song Spotlight: Saheed - "The Up's"

Saheed is one of Miami hip-hop's hidden stars. His rapid fire flow tinged with a dose of boom-bap is incredibly refreshing to hear. Sometimes you get tired of hearing rap records about dope boys and rims. That's where Saheed comes to fill the void. He pretty much stands clear of the usual and talks about everything else that is thrown his way in regular everyday life.

And speaking of life, he dedicates this new song to her and all her grace. And by her, of course I mean her as in life. "The Ups" is a groovy tune that falls in the right BPM range for a classic hip-hop record. Produced by Numonics, Saheed takes the chop-heavy instrumental to talk about the ups and downs that is

Saheed does use the "life's a bitch" personification theme as the basis of the song, but he does it with style. It's basically a song devoted to the negatives and positive things that life can throw at you each and every day. With another overlying theme of talking about the ups and downs of life's rollercoaster. Here's an example of what Saheed means:

Sometimes she stabs me in the back and shows me she has two faces
I've learned that before I learned to tie my shoe laces
But in all in all, she's always been there for me
She gives me a clean slate, each and every morning

Give this a listen and give Saheed a chance. He's a young guy and still has plenty of years of growth as an emcee ahead of him. Anybody can rhyme words together and make it sound good. But a real emcee can rhyme and flow while still conveying their intended message and/or theme. This song is just a small 2-minute glimpse into the artistry that Saheed can create. Download the song below.

MP3: Saheed - "The Up's"