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Q&A With DJ MGA, of Fox's Shuffle Tuesdays

​This interview is with up-and-coming local DJ Matthew Andrews, a.k.a. MGA. Folks might know him from some downtown hotspots like the Vagabond, where he pops in for the occasional Friday set. His main gig, though, is holding it down in South Miami, at the long-running Shuffle Tuesdays party at Fox's Sherron Inn. Visit myspace.com/shuffletuesdays for more information about the party. 

New Times: I guess we'll start this off with the typical shit that usually starts these things. What is your name, age, shoe size and where do you hail from?
MGA: Matthew Andrews is my name. I'm 30 and anything having to do with my shoes is a sensitive topic, and I hail from Miami.
You're relatively new to the South Florida scene (in a sense). How do you describe your DJ style?
I am not relatively new to the scene, I am new to this scene per se. I have been following electronic music since I can remember. As for my DJ style, I have truly fallen in love with all types of indie music whether it is the rock aspect or the experimental types of tunes I find. I've always loved dance music since the days that I followed electro breaks, drum'n'bass, and house. Dance music is what I do, '80s is what I grew up on, electronic beats are what I found, and I simply combine these influences with what I do behind the decks. I try to knock heads off with great tunes.

Tell us how you got into the DJ game, and a little bit about Shuffle Tuesdays and the whole Fox's scene.
I got into the DJ game about a year-and-a-half-ago where I was living, before I came back to Miami to run Fox's. I had been gone for so long that I missed out on what I think is a great culture musically. Shuffle Tuesdays at Fox's had already been started
and what happened was that I fell in love with music all over again.

The DJs that were playing here were playing music that I had never heard before, and all I could think about was being a part of it in some way. I loved it so much I went and I bought turntables and started to practice in my home. Music has always been something in which I've been involved, whether through dance or producing.

A girl who was a promoter and a customer gave me my first gig on Thanksgiving of 2008 and from there I just seemed to be more and more involved in the scene. Shuffle Tuesdays was created by a former promoter. What can I say about Tuesday nights? It's the hipster, sometimes emo, sometimes gangster, sometimes passerby kind of scene. Cheap drinks, good music, and it's the only parking lot party worth attending.

As for Fox's as a whole, well, Fox's is obviously not your typical joint; I truly believe that Fox's is for those who are selected. It is not for everyone. It's for the terminally hip. Fox's finds you, you don't find Fox's. Some pass by, but those who it is meant for, get it as soon as they walk through the door. It's just that kind of place.  
Your recent set at the Vagabond was pretty hot, what upcoming gigs can we expect? Any residencies lurking around the corner?
I have been told that I will be booked as a regular at The Vagabond on Fridays. How regular I don't know. I have been at Purdy for 786 a few times and it seems like I fit in well with that crew. They've told me they will continue to book me also. As for residencies I have no idea. I am still making a name for myself and so far I think it has worked out pretty well for me considering how new I am to the scene and how tight-knit it seems to be. Not a very friendly scene, to say the least.  
Any place you'd like to spin at, either for the first time or with more frequency?
Vagabond is always my first choice to spin at more frequently. I like the way they do business and everyone from the DJs to the promoters to the bar and security staff are friendly and good people. So working with them has been the highlight of my DJ career. I want to spin wherever the scene is receptive and the crowd is energetic, so wherever that is, is where I would like to be.
Are you planning on becoming a South Beach douchebag?
Of course I plan that. I have, for now, put away my Ed Hardy and Von Dutch gear but I always have that nicely pressed and ready for my douchebag debut!
What records and artists are you digging on right now?
Well, I am very picky as to what I like in terms of artists. Most artist that I like only have a few songs, if that, that I even enjoy, but the top of the list would have to be the Bass Weazal remixes, Futureheads, Glass Candy, Phoenix, Steve Aoki, Thom Yorke, and this list goes on and on and on. I hate this kind of question because I always forget the names of artists that I like at that moment.